Galerie Paris-Beijing
October 12th - October 14th 2020


On the occasion of “Pairs Photo Week-end”, Galerie Paris-Beijing is delighted to present works from three artists : Wang Bing, Randa Maroufi and Baptiste Rabichon.

In parallel with his famous work as a filmmaker, Wang Bing deploys remarkable work as a photographer. In line with his documentaries, his photographs show protagonists in their daily lives, apparently completely indifferent to the presence of the artist and his camera. Being always around the people he films or photographs at least several days in their daily lives, the artist ends up being forgotten by them. Wang Bing then naturally becomes a witness of these lives on the fringes of Chinese society.

Randa Maroufi’s practice is not that of a neutral and withdrawn witness. Interested in the staging of bodies in public or private space, she seeks to highlight certain reality of space occupation, as a group or individual, as well as the theatricality of everyday life. Her compositions, all meticulously crafted, are similar to theatrical work, and become openers to political questions.

Baptiste Rabichon’s works are completely deviated from a representation of reality. His meticulous, almost scientific compositions bring his work closer to that of a painter. Working around multiple methods of photography, old and modern ones, he shows another way of photographing reality, to open up dreamy spaces.