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    Arnaud Rochard’s work is the result of a process close to the craftsmanship of art, which he develops in a universe inspired by both wild, cruel, and dark imagery as well as the fantastic parade of mythological romanticism. But these figurative codes, if present as clues, never overwhelm the perception of the whole, that of a landscape composed of lush and scattered vegetation. The object of his research is then revealed: Nature and the allegory of Freedom. (Maëlle Delaplanche)

    Arnaud Rochard graduated from the École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne. He lives and works in the region of Bretagne, France where he develops interdisciplinary work between engraving – in all its forms -, painting, and drawing. In 2018, he received the grant of creation from DRAC Pays de Loire and, in 2019, the Pierre Cardin Prize for engraving from the Académie des Beaux Arts.