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    Carlos Alfonso is a Colombian artist who explores nomadic life and the relationships between superstition and narration.

    In 2016, Carlos Alfonso decided to embark on a journey with his wife, exploring nomadic life as a way to learn throughout the engagement with others, visiting different countries and collecting stories that mirror this anthropological experience where traveling becomes another medium. In his work he appropriates, writes and composes narratives, outlining them in the form of an essay, searching for dialogues between abstraction and concretion. The anecdotal aspect is an alternative vehicle to explore expanded fields which cross in the perception and reading of our past and present history.

    By using sculpture, audiovisual media, cooking, drawing, performance and editorial resources, he constructs situations with the intention of shaping poetry. In some cases, these constructions are developed precisely for a place or are determined by a physical context. In others, the public is involved as an active agent of the work itself.

    Carlos Alfonso was born in 1986 in Popayan, Colombia. He currently lives in Bogota.

    For inquiries

      Born in Popayán (Colombia) in 1986


      Sleepwalker, Salon 1030- hosted by Theun Vonckx, Brussels, Belgium

      Histories are ghosts of public domain, Sketch, Bogotá, Colombia

      Margaritas, Sketch Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia

      South Land Sub, Flat Stichting, Bijlmer, Amsterdam, Nederland

      Er-Grah, Espacio 10, Bogotá, Colombia


      Horn festival for experimental film, Musrara Art School, Jerusalem, Israel
      Bis, ETC. Sketch Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
      Metapoesis, perspectivas y poéticas del arte desde América Latina, Estudio Ráneo,
      Cuenca, Spain

      Continent des anecdotes, Project space Felix Frachon Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

      Compositions with two tables, Collaboration with Jonas Vanhullebush, In de Ruimte, Ghent, Belgium
      Interactions Durables, Galerie Louise, Paris, France
      Open studios, Nucleo, Ghent, Belgium
      Globo 2, Por estos días, Medellín, Colombia
      Before love or something else, Window, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

      Sightseeing-Currents # 3, Marres (Opel building), Maastricht, Nederland
      Risas Pregrabas, SGR Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
      Nominated artists Sara Modiano Prize, Cafam Theater Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
      Minutos, SITIO, ArtBo,(Collaboration with Sketch Gallery), Bogotá, Colombia
      Jan Naaijkens Prijs exhibition, Kunstpodium T. Tilburg, Nederland
      More Cuts Please, Komplot, Brussels, Belgium

      In-semble, Kunstpodium T. Tilburg, Nederland
      Feria del Millón, Textura, Bogotá, Colombia
      Fantasmas, Rat Trap. Bogotá, Colombia
      Exorcised, LUCA School of arts campus, Brussels, Belgium
      Collection of Useless Cosmologies in Empty Spaces, B32, Maastricht, Nederland
      Title of the Exhibition, Sint-Lukas art gallery, Brussels, Belgium

      BijlmAir 2013, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, Nederland
      Beyond The Map, Open Art Route Zuidoost, Amsterdam, Nederland
      Atlantic Ocean Drive, Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, Nederland
      Modelo para una narrativa no funcional, Los Unicos, Lima, Perou
      Remains, Agora Collective, Berlin, Deutscland

      Monumentos a lo casi eterno, ArtBo/Artecámara, Bogotá, Colombia
      Comunes no Corrientes, Sótano 30-45, Bogotá, Colombia
      Sabadabadú, Gallery Santa Fe, Bogotá, Colombia
      Como Pan Caliente, Gallery Espacio 101, Bogotá, Colombia

      V Two-dimensional Art Salon, FGAA, (Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation), Bogotá, Colombia
      REC, Gallery El Container, Quito, Spain

      Santa Cecilia, 7th Venice Biennale of Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia

      Zapatero a tus Zapatos, Mapateatro, Bogotá, Colombia


      Selected for Horn festival for experimental films, Musrara Art School, Jerusalem,Israel
      Selected for Metapoiesis, screenings in Ecuador, Mexico

      Nominated for Oma prize with video “BALA”, ArtBo, Bogotá, Colombia

      Nominated for the Jan Naaijkens Prijs, North Brabant Society, Tilburg, Nederland
      Selected for Currents # 3 ‘Sightseeing’, Marres, Maastricht, Nederland
      Selected for Feria del Millón, (Million Art Fair), Textura, Bogotá, Colombia

      Nominated for CIFO, Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Grants program for Latin
      American artists, Young artist category, Miami, US
      Selected for Feria del Millón, (Million Art Fair), Textura, Bogotá, Colombia

      Selected for Artecámara Emergent artists pavilion in ArtBo, international Art Fair of
      Bogotá, Curated by Conrado Uribe, Bogotá, Colombia

      Selected for V Salón de Arte Bidimensional, (V Two-dimensional Art Salon), FGAA,
      (Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation), Bogotá, Colombia

      Selected for The Venice Biennale of Bogotá, Collective Santa Cecilia, Bogotá,Colombia