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    Volkan Aslan’s recent practice is influenced by both his recollections, as well as his impressions of the malleability of our perception of time.

    These memories, half remembered, half forgotten, draw him to certain objects he comes across in his day-to-day life that recall his past. He playfully manipulates them to form surreal constructions that fuse his personal associations with new and unexpected interpretations.

    Aslan’s three-channel video Home Sweet Home (2017) was shown at 15th Istanbul Biennial commissioned by Biennial curators Elmgreen & Dragset. With his three-channel video installation, Volkan Aslan questions the boundaries between the sedentary and the nomadic, the indoor and the outdoor, the safe and the unsafe situations, pointing out to the fragility of the current state of each and every one of us.

    Volkan Aslan is born in 1982 in Ankara. He studied Painting at the Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2005. He currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.

    1982, Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey

    2005 Mersin University of Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department, Mersin Turkey


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    A Confrontation of Ideals, An Ren Biennale, Anren, Sichuan, China
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    A Pillar of Smoke, curated by Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu and Yann Perreau Galerie PARIS-B, Paris, France


    Under the Radar 5533, curated by Kari Conte, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), New York, US

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    Artist-to-Artist, Delfina Foundation, London, UK

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    Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, Ohio, USA
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    Eczacibasi Collection, Istanbul, Turkey
    Hitay Collection, Istanbul, Turkey
    Ozyegin University Collection, Istanbul, Turkey
    Vehbi Koç Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey

    Volkan Aslan - Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home
    Text by Pablo Larios for the 15th Istanbul Biennial

    Volkan Aslan’s video installation Home Sweet Home (2017) is a meditative take on realities of displacement. The work commemorates individuals forced to make long journeys, such as migrants or those who have suf- fered a loss of home. A starting point for the work is a hybrid boat-home structure found commonly in poor areas within large cities, and used to relocate homes through bodies of water. Aslan’s video depicts this iconic image of tragic human itinerancy: the boat as an emblem of homes forcibly mobile.

    The piece employs imagery of water, journey-making. With disjunctions of time and perspetive, it is also a poetic parable of the way all people share in an i nerant and fragile human condi on, though we may experience this condition vastly differently. The work comprises a 3-channel video installation set within the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul. Scenes of domestic interiors and daily routines meld with views of landscapes of shores and city views. A woman sits on the front of a boat, looks out on to the water and observing the passing landscape. As the work develops, we see, with sweetly sad irony, that the three ‘places’ in the lm – which ini ally seemed dis nct – are in fact depic ons of di erent views onto realities that are actually more linked than they initially seemed.

    The film speaks to various forms of collapse: between transit, passage and home; between the architecture of inside and outside. It reflects medita vely on a world upended and inverted, in which seemingly everyone is on the move and in disarray. The work elicits how even tragedies far and away hit home. Even sites which initially seemed to be too far away from us to affect us are closer than we think, and neighbors we may not they are in fact right beside us.

    The work Home Sweet Home, 2017 by Volkan Aslan is commissioned by 15th Istanbul Biennial, curated by Elmgreen & Dragset