Mountains Between Us

March 20 - June 19, 2021

Galerie PARIS-B is delighted to announce the second solo show with the Slovakian artist Lucia Tallova. This exhibition is organized with support of the Institut Slovaque de Paris.

Between tridimensional collages and architectural installation, Lucia Tallová’s work is a visual language in its own.

The arrangement of objects and images within each thoughfully displayed artwork brings us into a world out of the norm, lost between dream and reality. With memory as its primary material, Lucia’s artistic process derives from an initial work of collecting and archiving; each object is revisited by the artist to find its place within a cabinet of curiosity, like a new character in a scenic narrative landscape. Similar to a trilogy, every project follows on the previous and prepares us for the next. The exhibition “Mountains Between Us” was born out of this logic, as a sequel to its romantic first segment “Building Moutain”, presented in 2019 at the Galerie Paris-Beijing.

For this new exhibition, Lucia puts the city of Paris in the spotlight in her new series Paris Diary, made between August and September 2020 during her residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. A true travel diary made from old materials and antiquities collected during her stay, then used in the making of images and objects. Her latest installation Looking Through, built like a window between the inside of the gallery and the street, reinvents the exhibition space by playing with the concepts of mirrors and duality through the viewer’s eye. In addition to these two series, some of the artist’s other works will be on display, such as a selection of serigraph paintings from her series Clouds. Kant used to say that despite all real understanding, the human imaginati on always strices to find shapes within clouds, because this game of perception gives him an “internal feeling of a hamonious state of mind”. On the contrary, Lucia’s clouds bear a secret and undecodable message, hidden between ethereal beauty and oppressing motion.

Various installations, paintings, associations of depersonalized everyday objects and photographic studies are shown to us and exalt each other to be reborn with a new and poetic meaning. It is through this act of assemblage that the final sculpture emerges, both ephemeral and timeless; it is then integrated to the exhibition space to create new shapes and aesthetics. The surfaces Lucia models are transcended, both in their form and in their deeper nature, and it is through that encounter that the artwork was finally born.