November 08 - January 10, 2015

Gallery PARIS-B is pleased to present Turbid Landscapes, the first solo exhibition of the Chinese painter Zhu Xinyu in Belgium.

Mysterious and sublime, Zhu Xinyu’s forest is a place without boundaries where we have a direct sense of the earth’s magnetism, yet the silence there makes us so uneasy that we don’t dare to penetrate it.
Lost between shadows and glimmers of light, we have the impression that the strange and ethereal twilight passing through the trees is only a supernatural illusion.

With his hypersensitive work and his interest in mystical ecology, Zhu Xinyu never deals with landscapes romantically, but rather symbolically. If the forest is capable of evoking the relationship between shadows, light and the body, here it is also a place of reminiscence and of meditation. We must be attentive to this spiritual light, as it is vital to us.

This dreamlike environment echoes our own fears, our doubts, our beliefs, and our inner sense of self.

Within the context of this exhibition, the artist will be in residence at the gallery for a period of three months. Over the course of his stay, he will create a monumental painting in situ, which the public will have the privilege of observing in progress.

Born in 1980 in Haicheng (province of Liaoming), Zhu Xinyu grew up at the height of the economic boom, and never directly experienced the events of the Cultural Revolution. His art is free from any social critique, instead turning inwards towards the individual. His work promotes introspective thought and brings questions of psychology to light.