Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Chalon-sur-Saône, France
October 14th - January 21th 2024



Baptiste Rabichon (born in 1987) conceives artworks imbued with the present, the vestige of childhood phantasmagoria, as well as references to art history, cinema or video games. The artist utilizes photography’s capacity to reflect the lived in experience, along with its ability to detach itself from reality. He constantly swings back and forth between sampling reality and interpreting it.

Baptiste Rabichon composes his images with shots (taken with a camera as well as a smartphone), paintings or drawings, which all act as raw materials. In his workshop, inside his laboratory, he experiments and combines with multiple process: analogue image captures and prints, magnifier’s projections, photograms, digital photography and collages… As such, different temporalities are found intertwined on the final print, such as strata of memory, sensorial recollections which would collide with the here and now. The spectator’s gaze is then, confronted with the reversal of values, the upheavals of perspectives, the changing scale and the author’s fascination for the infinitely big.

Baptiste Rabichon creates fictional universes that talk however about the world we live in. He confronts us with our compulsive and obsessive relationship with the image. By his own words, it’s about “contradictory experiences of the world, one full of durations, instants, memories and projections, and the other which is immediate and primitive” all combining under his hands in the darkness of the laboratory.

The exhibition offers an exploration of the latest works of a prolific artist.


Commissaire: Emmanuelle Vieillard