Musée de la Photographie, Centre d'Art Contemporain de la Férédation Wallonie, Brussels, Belgium
June 03th - September 24th 2023


BAB SEBTA reconstructs a series of situations observed on the border of Sebta, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan soil. This place is the setting for a traffic in goods manufactured and sold at a discount. Thousands of people work there every day. The film unfolds in a particular space-time, the border between Spain and Morocco, where stories of smuggling are legion and a place that proves to be an excellent playground for restaging individuals in motion. A choreography takes shape in a pendular spatialized duration. Three time frames, three distinct moments corresponding to the stages of the border crossing make up the journey of the camera and the thread of the film.

Beyond the simple documentary narrative close to experimental video, BAB SEBTA can be seen as an artistic experiment that questions the limits of representation and invites us to touch for a moment the strange reality of the city.