Qi Zhuo, Léa Belooussovitch, Laura Garcia-Karras

NOV 09th - NOV 12th, 2023



Qi Zhuo, Bubble Game #58, 2023, Archaic stone sculpture and blown glass, 99 x 41 x 42 cm. © AW Studio

Often damaged with time, the sculptures are broken, fractured with limbs missing. Qi Zhuo got the idea to bring them back to life, to restore them in his own unique way: he’s going to use blown glass to fill the void, the lost fragment. Thus, a new life cycle is formed as the pre-existing artwork becomes another, evoking the bouddhist’s reincarnation cycle. The chemistry occuring between the shape of the age-old originnal stone sculpture with the contemporary and delicate aspect of the colored glass carrying the statuette leads us into the peculiar, the incongruous which are concepts dear to the artist, for whom humor and transgression are natural forms of communication.

Qi Zhuo, Bubble Game #56, 2023, Tang Dynasty Gilt-bronze statue, Song Dynasty Porcelain sculpture, Yuan Dynasty Porcelain sculpture, Ming Dynasty Porcelain sculpture, Qing Dynasty Porcelain and blown glass, variable dimensions. © AW Studio

Qi Zhuo was born in 1985 in Fuxin (Liaoning province, China). He graduated with honors from the Le Mans Higher School of Fine Arts (the DNSEP Diploma), did the post graduate program KAOLIN of the ENSA Limoges in France and the Geneva University of Art and Design in Switzerland, he has been working and living in France since 2008. He did a residency at the Fondation Martell in Cognac, France at the end of 2020.

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Série-«-Afflictions-»-«-Telangana,-Inde,-24-juillet-2014-»,-35x45cm,-2023_courtesy PARIS-B
Léa Belooussovitch, Afflictions serie "Telangana, Inde, 24 juillet 2014", 2023, drawing with colour pencil on felt, 45 x 35 cm

Touching an aesthetic of the disappearance, Léa Belooussovitch’s works question our attitude towards violence, graphic violence in particular related to our society highlighting the vulnerability of a peculiar moment and witnessing the artist’s humanity. The drawing resumes the clear, brightly-colored image sourced from the press, capturing on the field people in distress without any detour. The manual transcription allows the visual information coming from the photographic medium to become more tolerable.

Léa Belooussovitch_exhibition view_Group Show-Faire Avec_H2M 2023_@Cyrille Cauvet_Courtesy PARIS-B
Group Show, Faire Avec - curated by Dylan Caruso, exhibition view, H2M, Bourg-en-Bresse, 2023. © Cyrille Cauvet

Born in Paris in 1989, she currently lives and works in Brussels. After receiving a master’s degree in drawing from the ENSAV La Cambre in 2014, she was nominated for the 2016 edition of the Prix Révélations Emerige, she is also the winner of the 2018 edition of the Young Talents prize of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. In 2020, she was rewarded by the Prix des partenariats Musée d’art moderne et contemporain Saint Etienne Métropole in France.

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Laura Garcia-Karras, Big Head Monkey, 2023, oil on canvas, 162 x 114 cm

Laura Garcia-Karras defines her paintings as silent spaces. In the depths of silence, a pictorial, philosophical and poetic reflection is established, mainly based on time. The representation of the living (trees, branches, flowers, foliage) translates our destabilized relationship to images. She holds a natural construction, the mineral molding of a living form, plant or animal living form, vegetable or animal, whose print crossed the time to be found in her hand. A sensation, close to the sublime, which is the basis of a physical, conceptual and plastic research.

(Text: Julie Crenn)

Laura-Garcia-Karras---Big-Head-Monkey-195 x 130 cm cm Courtesy PARIS-B
Laura Garcia-Karras, Big Head Monkey, 2023, oil on canvas, 195 x 130 cm

Laura Garcia-Karras was born in 1988 in Lilas, France. She graduated from La Cambre, Brussels and then the Beaux-Arts de Paris. In 2018, she was the laureate of the Concours Fondation Crédit Agricole in France and she won the third place of the Prix Antoine Marin, presented by Bernard Grize. She is now artist in residency in the Poush Manifesto in Auberveillers, France.

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