OCT 26th - DEC 21st, 2023

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PARIS-B is delighted to welcome the artist Gözde Ilkin for her second solo show at the gallery, entitled «Invisible Bonds, Companion Roots», unveiling her latest group of works.

“For the first time, taking root was no longer being stuck in one place, but the feeling of being able to settle down simultaneously in many places at once, wherever she spread her seeds.” 
Duygu Demir

Gözde İlkin Invisible bonds, companion roots, curated by Joana P.R. Neves, exhibition vew Photo Théo Baulig Courtesy PARIS-B
Gözde İlkin, Invisible Bonds, Companion Roots, exhibition view, PARIS-B, 2023. Photo: Théo Baulig
Gözde İlkin, The Tide, Me, Myself, 2020, stitching, painting and patchwork on fabric dyed with plant extracts (woad), 122 x 185 cm

Gözde Ilkin has been working for fifteen years with found fabrics and embroidery. Through this handcrafted method, she engages in a critical approach to memory and history to deconstruct notions of gender, community, and forms of belonging.

Heritage and Debris (detail)

In these series, the humanoid figures of her embroideries expand and interconnect like carnal roots or braided fibres in what seems to be an organic process of becoming rather than the ultra-capitalist notions of evolution and progress.

This is apparent in the layering of her textile drawings: the cloth pattern, the embroidered figures often overlapping each other, the plant extract expanding on the textile, and the interplay between both sides of the fabric, to name but a few.

Gözde İlkin, Heritage and Debris, 2023, patchwork, embroidery and painting on bundle fabric, 72 x 189 cm
Gözde İlkin Invisible bonds, companion roots, curated by Joana P.R. Neves, exhibition vew Photo Théo Baulig Courtesy PARIS-B

“Instead of preserving, embellishing or domesticating things, the fabrics used by the artist are transformed into planes that reveal rather than cover; instead of hiding what is underneath, these surfaces draw attention to themselves. They function as signifiers of openness and vulnerability …

Gözde İlkin, Born the Ground by Devouring the Ground, 2023, patchwork, embroidery and painting on bundle fabric, 133 x 130 cm

… I could sense that the figures that populated these fabrics, tied together through their faceless heads by gnarly nodes in the color of flesh, were meant to address familial situations and configurations that we either knew too well, or at least recognized from a distance. In these now familiar works by İlkin, the fabrics function both as subject and material: the lacework on a pillowcase, the embroidery on handmade curtains, the scalloped edges of a tablecloth, the needlework on a towel become the bearers of domestic memory when they are transformed by İlkin.”

Duygu Demir

Gözde İlkin Invisible bonds, companion roots, curated by Joana P.R. Neves, exhibition vew Photo Théo Baulig Courtesy PARIS-B

Her drawings gradually developed a metaphorical quality, whereby the human body is associated with other entities, human and non-human. Ilkin engages in a deep re-evaluation of values, beliefs, and personal stories through slow-making, sometimes with collaborators, including her mother.

Indeed, collectivity is important for the artist, from the making of the fabrics to the exhibition space, where she often works with choreographers, curators, and dancers.

Gözde İlkin, On the Back of the Wind on the Face of the Waves (detail), 2023

Ilkin’s second individual exhibition at PARIS-B gallery, is part of the Entrusted Grounds series of exhibitions and events. This iteration is titled Invisible Bonds, Companion Roots, thus expressing the complex interweaving socio-politics of an ecosystem.

7.Entrusted Ground 2022_performance view.artSumer Gallery_GILKIN
Entrusted Ground, view of the performance (still), galerie Artsümer, Istanbul, 2022

Entrusted Grounds thus invites the viewer to consider the exhibition as an immersive experience rather than a critical evaluation. Hence, its first iteration at artSümer gallery in Instanbul presented embroidered fabrics, suspended modular interactive sculptures, performance and sound to create a tridimensional ‘landscape’. It enriched an art history genre, the landscape, by using landforms as an approach to the exhibition space, for instance. Here, the cave was the framework for the installation as a real space where humans first interacted with the world through drawing, and as a metaphor.

The sand dune will be the new framework to approach the exhibition space. This powerful metaphor talks about the nomadic quality of both geology and concepts: a dune moves and is reshaped by the wind, the critters living in it, and the quality of its material, the sand, a powerful symbol of time. But it may also be created by our presence on earth and our interaction with it.

Bearing Souls _detail-3_ 135 x 122 cm _GILKIN_ParisB-7
Bearing Souls (detail)
Gözde İlkin, Bearing Souls, 2023, patchwork, embroidery and painting on bundle fabric, 135 x 122 cm

As in the first iteration of the project in Istanbul, The Entrusted Ground, Ilkin will present the beautiful sketches she makes for each installation.

Text by Joana P. R. Neves (curator),
Extract from the Press Release

“When the knots we form with habits and ossified patterns are broken; when we allow unsettling changes to happen, an unexpected life can unfold. The solution can sometimes come from an unfamiliar moment and place.”
Gözde İlkin 


Gözde ĺlkin was born in 1981 in Kütahya (Turkey). She studied painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University and is pursuing a master’s degree at Marmara University in Istanbul. She lives and works in Istanbul.

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