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    Clédia Fourniau tackles the processual and performative dimensions of abstract painting and questions the context in which one perceives and receives an image, involving the entire body of the artist and of the visitor. The artist works her shapes and her materials through the accumulation and stacking of movements and actions, mixing dyes, inks and polyurethane resins, after which an ultra-brilliant embossing takes over the space of her canvases, mirroring the body, the workshop and the architecture. Engaging in a new vision of reality, the image perpetually forms itself before coming undone and tries to convey a sensual confusion, a message without a message, a form of mystic.

    Clédia Fourniau was born in 1992, in Paris, where she now lives and works. After a three-year program at the school Olivier de Serres, she graduates from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in october 2021, with honors. She will soon take part in a residency organized by the Fonds de dotation Weiss and will be sponsored by Tatiana Trouvé for the Prix Marin 2022.

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      Born in 1992.
      Lives and works in Paris.


      2016 – 2021
      Diplôme National Supérieur d’Arts Plastiques (DNSAP) avec Félicitations du jury, Beaux-Arts de Paris

      2014 – 2016
      Diplôme National d’Arts et Techniques (DNAT) aux Beaux-Arts de Paris

      2013 – 2014
      Auditrice libre à l’Ecole du Louvre à Paris

      2011 – 2013
      BTS Design d’Espace à l’école Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA) à Paris

      2010 – 2011
      Mise à Niveau en Art Appliqué (MANAA) à l’école Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA), Paris



      Lauréate de la 3e édition du Prix Sisley – Beaux arts pour la jeune création
      PBProject, Galerie Paris-Beijing
      25e Prix Antoine Marin 2022, parrainage Tatiana Trouvé
      Résidence Fonds de dotation Weiss, comm. Louis Verret, Paris


      Synesthesia, comm. Paul Ivernel, Galerie Joseph, Paris, France
      Pendant que d’autres écrasent des nuits encore moites, comm. Juliette Hage, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
      Odyssée, Salon Private Choice n°10, Paris, France
      Qfwfq, Exposition de diplôme (DNSAP), Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
      Melon amer, Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
      Æquo, comm.Thomas Havet, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France

      Résidence Double Séjour, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France
      Il faudra revenir demain, Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris , France

      Sketchy : London, Galerie Stour Space, London, UK

      Felt, Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

      Ground Work, Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
      Pain et savon, Exposition de diplôme (DNAP), Beaux-Arts, Paris, France


      Parasophia, Festival d’Art Contemporain, station de métro Uzumasa Tenjingawa, Kyoto, Japan
      Forme d’odeur, Maison du Japon / La Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris, France