January 05 - February 25, 2017

Two years after his first solo exhibition, Galerie Paris-Beijing is pleased to present Disrupted Narrative, bringing together the latest works of the Paris-based Chinese painter Fu Site.

A complex assembly of shadows and reflections, human presences, images of interiors and natural landscapes, Fu Site’s pictorial language borrows the codes of the oneiric world, to give life to scenes that open the field of interpretation.

Even though we are far from the sombre atmospheres that characterised his early works, a certain tension still lingers.

By subtly combining fragmented images and overlapped narrative layers, Fu Site knows how to provoke a certain ambiguity on our perception of time, depriving the scene of any logical coherence.

Like memories or spectres, his enigmatic anti-heroes softly appear on the turbid surface of the canvas: they inhabit space without really belonging to it. Their juxtaposition with baroque decorations and, more recently, contemporary interiors, whose elements are sometimes barely suggested, plunges the viewer into an ongoing story with multiple denouements.

Fu Site lived a third of his life in France yet the almost obsessive representation of Western interiors evokes his fascination for what may seem like an inverted exoticism. Mirrors, beds, dressing tables, armchairs are removed from their original context and transposed into a new space to compose a fictional image. Like most Chinese artists of his generation, his painting is freed from any social analysis turning to introspection to reveal a new approach to figuration.

In his works we can feel the influences of his masters: from the dramatic intensity of the characters of Bacon to the mysticism of the landscapes of the romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich or the feeling of alienation that invaded the spaces of Edward Hopper.