Jacques Julien x Des exploits, des chefs-d’oeuvre

FRAC Sud, Marseille
April 26th - December 22th 2024


“Des exploits, des chefs-d’œuvre” exhibition

With the “Des exploits, des chefs-d’œuvre” exhibition, spread over three venues (Frac Sud, Mac and Mucem) until September, Marseille is on Olympic time three times over.

This triple exhibition “Des exploits, des chefs-d’œuvre” (from April 26, 2024 at Frac Sud, Musée d’art contemporain de Marseille and Mucem) is curated by art critic Jean-Marc Huitorel, a specialist in the links between art and sport. Called in by Muriel Enjalran, director of Frac Sud, he offers an eclectic panorama of works created in connection with physical activities. Joyful, playful and eclectic, these three proposals are both illustrative and critical.

Jacques Julien’s monumental sculptures have been installed outside Frac Sud, combining the shapes of soccer goals and basketball baskets. They adopt every possible posture, from that of a grazing cow to a giraffe hoisting its neck upwards.