PB Project: Sous nos paupières closes,

JAN 5th - FEV 25th, 2023

Online exhibition of Lisa Ouakil for her PB PROJECT solo show : Sous nos paupières closes

Jan 05 – Feb 25, 2023
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Lisa Ouakil

The central piece of the exhibition, L’image est un accident du temps is a monumental triptych that proposes to cross the horizon. From a photograph of a spur of Mont Blanc, Lisa Ouakil develops a sensual pictorial material and transforms the landscape into moving abstract forms according to the colors, their flat tints and the light that emerges from them.

Lisa Ouakil Aria, 2021 Huile sur toile, 195 x 130 cm Galerie PARIS-B Galerie Paris-Beijing
L'image est un accident du temps, 2021. Oil on canvas, 195 x 130 cm *3
Lisa Ouakil Nues fugitives, 2021, huile sur toile, 195 x 130 cm Galerie PARIS-B Galerie Paris-Beijing
Lisa Ouakil 3Cime sensible,2021 huile sur toile 195x130cm Galerie PARIS-B Galerie Paris-Beijing

The vibrant treatment is carried out thanks to the pigments directly crushed with walnut oil that allows this play of texture. The deep red background echoes the vaporous white. A yellow glow crosses the three panels and diffuses itself in an elusive but persistent way on the canvas. A reference to Georges Didi-Huberman’s text, like the firefly, the image only passes, it is intermittent, it is only for a moment. However, this immediate light survives in the thought, and the painting has a spiritual character.

Lisa Ouakil Exhibition views Sous nos paupières closes Galerie Paris-Beijing Galerie PARIS-B
Lisa Ouakil Balme 2022 huile sur toile 116 x 89 cm Galerie Paris-Beijing Galerie PARIS-B
Balme, 2022. Oil on canvas, 116x89cm

As the artist states, “The idea is to evoke something that lives under the surface, the interior of the body, the interior of the earth, the volcanoes that boil. It would be about the dreams, and to reach another place through color. It also reminds us of the blurred lights that we see when we close our eyes.

Lisa Ouakil, Chimère, 2022, terre cuite et émail, 51cm x 40 cm x 46cm x 30cm
Chimère, 2022, Terracotta and enamel, 51cm x 40 cm x 46cm x 30cm

In telluric resonance with this landscape, the ceramics inspired by Lava Stones are also a part of the show. In their deep blue glaze, we find the immensity and beauty of the night sky. Their shapes and colors take on changing aspects according to the light reflections, a reference to nature and its constant transformation.

Lisa Ouakil Exhibition views Sous nos paupières closes Galerie Paris-Beijing Galerie PARIS-B
Incendere, 2022. Oil on canvas, 162 x 130 cm

" Lisa Ouakil’s painting is thought in a relationship to the body and the flesh. From photographs taken during wanderings, essentially those of mineral elements, the work developed transforms the known to excite the imaginary. No realism since the initial image is totally transformed by this pictorial alchemy. The forms touch, twist, stretch in strange postures like bodies. Attached to the works of Bacon, Greco or Lucian Freud, the artist fully exploits the sensuality of the pictorial material. Between abstraction and figuration, it is a painting that plays with the porosity of the borders, alternating blurred zones and more precise zones in flat tints. In the play of light, she aspires to retranscribe the sensation of the sun hitting, both soft and stinging for the eyes."

Elora Weill-Engerer


Lisa Ouakil POUSH ©Romain Darnaud
Lisa Ouakil at the Poush Manifesto. ©Romain Darnaud

Born in 1993, Lisa Ouakil graduated from the Beaux Arts de Cergy, she is now an artist in residency at the Poush Manifesto. (more)


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