Shen Han, Yang Yongliang, Qi Zhuo

MAY 10th - MAY 12th, 2024

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taïwan

Shen Han-Taipei Dangdai-2024-GaleriePARIS-B-painting
Shen Han, March 21st by the lake, 2024, oil on canvas, 140 x 120 cm, Courtesy PARIS-B

Through his creative process, Shen Han attempts to find the relation between painting and body, focusing on an openess of forms building-up a connection between the material and perception through the action of painting.

His works do not have a planned subject or object, but initiate from the gesture, constructing an abstract pictorial plane through basic elements such as colour and line. While working on his painting, Shen Han also has the brain react with the images and colours that randomly appear through beholding, connecting the brain’s special memory of images to depict and explore the human subconscious.

Shen Han was born in 1988 in Hangzhou, China. He graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. He was an exchange student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, he now lives and works between Berlin and Hangzhou.

Shen Han-Still life-2024-oil on canvas-painting-Courtesy Galerie PARIS-B
Shen Han, Still life #1, 2024, oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm, Courtesy PARIS-B
Yang Yongliang_The Clouds (gif version)_2022_4K video_8min_edition of 7_Courtesy PARIS-B
Yang Yongliang, The Clouds, 2022, single-channel 4K video, 7'00, edition n° 2/7, Courtesy PARIS-B

Yang Yongliang is questioning our economical, environmental and social issues, by foreseeing the devastating effects of unrestrained urbanisation and industrialisation in China and abroad. Inspired by Chinese ancestral culture and Shan Shui, Yang Yongliang works with digital photography like a painter.

The overall view of his work reminds us of a landscape, but a careful analysis will reveal an image made of man-made shapes and the representation of an undoubtedly urban context.  The characteristic trees from the classical Song dynasty paintings become metallic lattice or poles from which are drawn electrical power lines. The contemporary urban imagery in total decay is always present: the mountains covered by giant skyscrapers in ruins will soon be ooded by the rise of the waters, taking more and more over the surface. However Yang Yongliang subtly suggests a possible agreement between tradition and modernity, nature and culture.

Yang Yongliang was born in Shanghai in 1980. He studied traditional Chinese painting with the calligraphy master Yang Yang for ten years. Photographer, painter, videographer and visual artist, he graduated from the Shanghai Institute of Design and the China Academy of Arts in the fields of visual communication and design. He is now a professor at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art.

Yang Yongliang-Dragon-Taipei Dangdai-2024-GaleriePARIS-B
Yang Yongliang, Imagined Landscape, Dragon, 2023, Courtesy PARIS-B
Zhuo-Qi-Taipei-Dangdai-2024-Galerie PARIS-B
Qi Zhuo, Bubble Game #65, 2024, stone sculpture and blown glass, 60 x 22 x 22 cm, unique work, Courtesy of PARIS-B

Through humor and ceramics, Qi Zhuo confronts traditions and know-how. In his work, porcelain is both the medium and the object of an experimental “cuisine” characterized by the creation of objects involving foreign bodies immerged in incongruous, enigmatic, sometimes hostile, but always amusing environments. The artist “restores” Buddhist statues from China’s Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (A.D. 907-960) in glass bubbles. From which we perceive the temporal notion of “slowness”, an eternal splice while maintaining a geographical fluidity. Such style of damaged Buddhist heads, evident in Buddhism’s many rounds of rising and falling, represents the violent movements of religious icons in the East. Eventually, they established a distinct image out of the chaos and confusion. Over the years, such images became detached from its own aesthetic origins and followed Qi like ghosts. They enter the global language and became a metaphor of his “irreverent” as evidence of time and space.

Qi Zhuo was born in 1985 in Fuxin (Liaoning province, China). He graduated with honors from the Le Mans Higher School of Fine Arts (the DNSEP Diploma), did the post graduate program KAOLIN of the ENSA Limoges in France and the Geneva University of Art and Design in Switzerland, he has been working and living in France since 2008. He did a residency at the Fondation Martell in Cognac, France at the end of 2020.

Zhuo Qi-Taipei Dangdai-Art fair-2024-sculpture-Galerie PARIS-B
Qi Zhuo, Bubble Game #65, 2024, stone sculpture and blown glass, 60 x 22 x 22 cm, unique work, Courtesy of PARIS-B
Qi Zhuo, Bubble Game #56, 2023, Tang Dynasty Gilt-bronze statue, Song Dynasty Porcelain sculpture, Yuan Dynasty Porcelain sculpture, Ming Dynasty Porcelain sculpture, Qing Dynasty Porcelain and blown glass, variable dimensions. © AW Studio


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