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    By means of a realistic figurative painting of classical tradition, Dorian Cohen focuses on the creation of urban imagery among landscapes, mirages and naturalistic genre scenes. Organized in a series of images, his work builds a genealogy of urban narratives by studying the pictorial and narrative mechanics at work between each of these series.

    Dorian Cohen is a young French painter born in 1987. He lives and works in Paris. He has a degree in urban design and engineering and is self-taught as a painter. His paintings were revealed to the art world in 2017 during the 62nd Montrouge Salon. In 2018, he won the Colas Foundation Award and in 2019 he was nominated for the 10th edition of the Sciences PO Contemporary Art Award.

    Exhibitions :
    Bien que cela soit naturel
    Dans l’Intérieur des Silences

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      Born in 1987 in Paris, lives in Paris and works in Aubervillers
      Self-taught in painting
      Master degree in Municipal Engineering, Urbanism and Architecture, 2011


      Fondation Colas
      Fond GreenFlex d’Art Contemporain
      Fond d’Art Contemporain Municipal Ville d’Ivry-sur-Seine
      Collection de l’Association Florence pour l’Art Contemporain


      Dans l’Intérieur des Silences, PARIS-B, Paris, France

      Bien que cela soit naturel, PARIS-B, Paris, France

      Même le ciel sera vert, UGC Artbox, Bruxelles, Belgique
      Nous danserons un jour ensemble, L’aparté, Iffendic, France

      Même le ciel sera vert, Galerie LPD’O, Brussels, Belgium
      «Des villes,des spectacles,une histoire», 2Angles, Flers, France
      Gardens, La Ritournelle, Chateauroux, France

      Itinere, L’ A.R.P.A.C., Montpellier, France


      Art Paris Art Fair 2022, PARIS-B, Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris, France

      La Petite Collection, Galerie Bertrand Grimont, commissariat Florence Lucas et Pauline Lisowski, Paris, France
      Paris Art Fair 2021, Scène Française – Portrait et Figuration, Art Paris, commissariat Hervé Mickaeloff, Paris, France
      Vacation d’Art Très Contemporain, Piasa Auction, Paris , France
      Galerie Paris-B « Here, There, Somewhere » avec Martin Parr, Adrien Belgrand, Marion Charlet, Volkan Aslan et Mehmet Ali Uysal

      Jeune Création 70, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Pantin, France
      Le pouvoir se charge de vous, Galerie Jeune Cration, Paris, France
      L’écho du silence, 16K, Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
      Art au Centre #3, Liège, Belgium
      Momentum, Galerie Episodiques, Paris, France
      Lauréats du Prix Master Toile, Mairie de Barbezieux, Barbezieux Saint-Hilaire, France

      The Nationa(a)l artist supermarket, Brussels, Belgium
      10ème Edition du Prix Sciences Po, Paris, France
      Twenty Five elements, Espace Commines, Paris, France

      Fondation Colas, Paris, France
      Park, Atelier W, duo avec Lucie Douriaud, Pantin, France
      Repetition as originality, 6B, Saint-Denis, France

      L’esprit du temps, Espace Commines, Paris, France
      Kids Commissaires, Galerie Arty Family, Paris, France
      62ème Salon de Montrouge, commissariat Ami Barak, Montrouge, France
      L’Urbain, Galerie Episodiques, Paris, France

      Cabane Georgina #03, Marseille, France
      CRAC 2016, Maison des Arts, Champigny-sur-Marne, France
      Parcours d’Artistes, Les Passerelles, Pontault Combault, France

      «Rêver peut-être», Galerie La Ralentie, Paris, France


      Artist in residence, Therapeia, Paxos, Greece

      Winner of Master Toile Schorlarship

      Sciences PO Award for Contemporary Art, nominated
      Artist in residence, L’Aparté, Trèmelin, France
      Artist in residence, 2angles, Flers, France
      Le Souffle, Sion, Winner of BeeMedias Schorlarship

      Winner of Fondation Colas Award


      Nous danserons un jour ensemble, Editions L’ Aparté Centre d’Art

      Catalogue du 62ème Salon de Montrouge
      L’ Art et ses Objets, Gaya Goldcymer, édition La Galerie Episodiques

      Catalogue d’exposition CRAC 2016


      Court-Métrage, “Echo du Silence”, WIPART
      Podcast “Dorian’s studio”, The Room Projects

      Court-Métrage, “Dorian Cohen”, WIPART

      France 2, “Les grands de demain s’exposent”, Télématin


      Text from the catalogue of 62th Salon de Montrouge
      By Anne-Sarah Benichou

      With his incredibly detailed gurative painting, Dorian Cohen reveals the beauty and 57 strangeness of the great anonymous and artificial urban spaces that surround us. Halfway between a Caravaggio touch, in which collide an unbridled baroque nature and an antique ideal of perfection, and an admiration for Poussin’s rigor in his precise touch and the gran- diloquence of his compositions, Cohen’s landscapes, with their extreme formats (either very small or very large), confront examples of motorway infrastructure with unusual architectures and an abundant, troubling and even hostile nature, in an almost surrealist and strange interplay.

      There is never any direct human presence in his works, just the evocation of man leaving his imprint on the landscape through its disproportionate and almost unreal constructions, like the curving motorway interchanges that ll the series Départ en vacances (Going on Holiday), begun in 2015. By reconnecting with a very classical practice of oil painting—proceeding by successive layers, “fat over lean,” but also by choosing particular surfaces like these very small panels of varnished wood that recall Dutch still lifes—Dorian Cohen intelligently uses the history of painting to serve his discourse about the modern world, and man’s relation to his environment, and praise the beauty of contemporary construction. Trained as a civil engineer before completely devoting himself to art, his work is lled with this technical, almost anal rigor, but also with a whiff of madness that, through discreet little touches, jostles the great concrete edifices, impressive and artificial, that we erect on Earth.