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    Hugo Servanin’s work creates a resonance between the myths and representations shaping our bodies and the properties of the materials and technologies he uses. His research was first focused on the existing bond between the body and its representations. He would exploit the inherent codes of sculpture work as well as those of the flesh: the defects of a molding were considered as scars. Later on, he started using moving plastic materials that symbolically brought to life the bodies he sculpted: rotting plaster marks the ending of life, and breaking porcelain infers to bone fragility.

    In Faire corps, we witness the birth of one of his Giants. All along the exhibition, a body takes form, without it being possible to identify his gender, class or social race. The Giant is stripped from any kind of identity, he is free to choose.

    Born in 1994 in France.
    Lives and works in Paris, France.


    Forthcoming 2022
    Magasins Généraux, Pantin, FR

    NıCOLETTı, London

    Cacotopia, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK


    Faire Corps, curated by Camille Bardin, Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, France

    Spaced In Lost, Paris, France

    Form and Volume, curated by Jens Hoffmann, Cristina Guerra, Lisbon, Portugal
    Futures of Love, Magasins Généraux, Pantin, France
    Notte Bianca, Villa Médicis, Rome, Italy
    Maison d’histoire(s) (non) naturelle(s), NıCOLETTı, Paris, France
    Artagon Live, Citée internationale des arts, Paris, France
    Point Contemporain, Villa Belleville, Paris, France

    Le hurlement du papillon, Double Séjour, Paris, France
    Dictionary of Rhymes, MI Galerie Paris, France
    Loi Carrez, Appartement de Juliette Nier et Arsane Smirnov, Paris, France

    • Group show curated by Camille Bardin
      Faire Corps
      10/21/2021 - 12/18/2021