Faire Corps

Group show curated by Camille Bardin
October 21 - December 18, 2021


Galerie Paris-Beijing is pleased to announce its new exhibition Faire Corps curated by Camille Bardin, a young art critic who was recently laureate of the Prix AICA. The group show will be putting forth the selected works of ten artists.

Forget your well-rounded lessons, displace your gaze, and pull yourself free from the spaces you were assigned to. Beyond the strictly theoretical, Faire corps tries to identify the way our realities are socially constructed and draws new possibilities of existence. Through the works of ten artists, the exhibition attempts to identify the impact of gender stereotypes on the way we treat our bodies, the way we express ourselves, the way we move in space, the way we project ourselves in the future – in other words, the way we live. In each their own style, these works inspire us to free our bodies from binary theoretical structures that contribute to the minoritization of entire social groups.

The project Faire corps has been maturing in my mind for nearly two years now. Its ambition is not to describe the concept of deconstruction but to put forth artists who came along in my own questioning. Sometimes intimate, sometimes political – if it makes sense to even consider both notions separately – the featured works are an invitation to introspection, to empowerment and to the unraveling of minoritized bodies. (Camille BARDIN)

Born in 1997, Camille Bardin is an independent art critic, art curator and fonder of the podcast PRÉSENT.E. She first writes for several reviews, before committing to the Jeunes Critiques d’Art collective, which supports independance and engagement in art criticism. By 2019, she becomes its co-president and co-founds the international confederation YACI the same year. Since 2020, she hosts a podcast titled PRÉSENT.E which offers to dive in the often private process of creation, and now counts about 50 episodes. Today, she also participates in drafting exhibition catalogues and monographs for several galleries and institutions. She co-hosts the show Traversée and presents the podcast Pourvu Qu’iels Soient Douxces every month, produced by Projets média and thought out by Jeunes critiques d’Art. She is laureate of the Prix AICA in 2021.